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Drinks Made With Love & Food To Feel Good

FOOD ALLERGIES AND INTOLERANCES - please speak to our staff about the ingredients before placing your order.
Specialty Coffee
Milk choices: whole, skinny, oat, soya.
Decaf also available.

Americano - Double shot of espresso topped up with hot water. Option to add milk. 8oz. £2.60

Espresso - Double shot of espresso as standard. Please ask for a single if desired. £2.60           

Machiatto - Double shot of espresso with a dollop of thick milk foam. £2.80

Cappuccino - Double shot of espresso filled with microfoamed milk and a thicker layer of foamed milk on top. Dusted with chocolate powder. 8oz. £3.20

Flat White - Double shot of espresso poured to top with microfoamed milk with thin layer of foamed milk on top. 6oz. £3.20

Latte - Double shot of espresso filled with microfoamed milk and finished with a medium layer of foamed milk to top. 8oz. £3.20

Mocha - Double shot of espresso, chocolate flakes melted in and topped up with microfoamed milk with a slightly thicker foam to finish at the top. 8oz. £3.50

Hot Chocolate - Chocolate flakes melted into a dash of hot milk, filled to top with microfoamed milk. 8oz. £3.30

Well-being Tea

MojiTea - A green tea with lime and mint. £2.80

Dozy Girl Tea - A herbal blend with lavender, chamomile & rose petals. Floral & calming. £2.80

Morning Kick Tea - South American yerba mate blend with zingy lemon & warming ginger. £2.80

Liquor-licious Liquorice Tea - A herbal chamomile blend with liquorice, ginger & mint. £2.80

Strawberry Lemonade Tea - Strawberries & lemons make this a summer classic & a fruity warmer. With real strawberry chunks and zesty lemon peel. £2.80

Earl Grey Creme Tea - A light & creamy Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla. £2.80

The Digester Tea - A digestion calming, oolong & pu’erh blend with ginger & orange. £3.00

Great British Cuppa Tea - A fresh and light English Breakfast tea. £2.80

Matcha Tea - Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea with up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot! £3.30

Chai Tea - Aromatic spiced black tea - add milk...or just have with hot water. 99% caffeine-free. £2.90


A range of freshly baked pastries, cakes, cookies and brownies are available daily with a good choice of gluten-free and plant-based items - please see display. £2 - £3


Sourdough Crumpets - Toasted to perfection with butter/jam. £2.50

Cashew Nuts - Baked and salted. £2.50

Pistachio Nuts - Baked and salted (shell-on). £2.50

Various sandwiches, salads and pots of egg, yogurt, overnight oats, berries - varieties rotate daily, see display. £3 - £6

Picky Things - a tempting selection of items to pick on - choose which you like and we will make them into the perfect platter for you!

Cured Meats (3) - A portion of three types of excellent quality cured meats £4.00

Cheese Selection (3) - A wedge of creamy Brie, slices of nutty Red Leicester and a choice of either Stilton or Taw Valley Cheddar. £4.00

Houmous - A dome-shaped portion of tasty, textured houmous. £2.00

Olives - A mixture of juicy olives - beware of the seed! £2.50

Crackers - Stonebaked crackers: buttermilk, seeded and charcoal. £1.50

Artichokes and Mushrooms - Chargrilled artichokes and exotic marinated mushrooms £2.50

Sundried Tomatoes - Tangy and delicious, a great accompaniment to the cheese selection. £1.00

Picky Things All Out - Full board of all 7 of the Picky Things. Enough for 2 people to pick on. £15.50

Wine - all vegan. Bottle (B): Full bottle, Small (S): 175ml, Large (L): 250ml. 125ml also available - please ask. 

Fontessa Prosecco Spumante Brut       B: £28.50     Flute: £5.50

Ca' di Ponti Grillo, DOC Sicilia                B: £20.00     S: £4.50    L: £6.45

Conviviale Pinot Grigio, DOC                   B: £22.50     S: £5.30    L: £7.55

Vila Nova Vinho Verde                                B: £26.50     S: £6.20    L: £8.85

Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rosé                     B: £22.00     S: £5.15    L: £7.35

Alasia Piemonte Barbera                          B: £20.00     S: £4.65    L: £6.65

Sierra Grande Merlot                                  B: £22.50     S: £5.30    L: £7.55

Pablo y Walter Malbec                              B: £27.50      S: £6.45    L: £9.20

Beer - all vegan. 500ml bottles. Ask us for the take-away price.

Pope's Yard Luminaire - Golden ale - 3.9% abv. £5.50

Pope's Yard Quartermaster - Bitter pale ale - 4.4% abv. £5.65

Pope's Yard Lacerta US - American pale ale - 3.9 abv. £5.80

Pope's Yard Club Hammer - Chocolatey London stout - 5.5% abv. £6.00

Soft Drinks - in the fridge

Organic Karma drinks - Cola, Sugar-free, Lemonade, Ginger. £1.70

Kombutcha Kat - Original, Blueberry, Ginger. £2.20

Cano Water - Still, Sparkling. £1.05

Flawsome Juice - Orange, Apple & strawberry. £2.65

Snacking - on the counter

Tony's Chocolonely - Milk, Caramel with Sea Salt, Dark Choc with Almond, Hazelnut. £1.50

Munchy Seeds - Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds with a variety of flavourings. Please see display. £1.50

Peppersmiths Gum & Mints - Peppermint, Spearmint, Extra Strong. £1.95

Crisps- Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion. £1.00

Retail - on the shelf.
Our wonderful keeps cups, tea equipment, tea (loose leaf and parcels), coffee (ground and whole bean) all for sale for you to enjoy at home - or give as a lovely gift!
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