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About B...

Hi, my name’s Bharti, the heart and soul behind BloomsYard. 


I have spent more than 15 years working in the world of hospitality with industry leading brands such as the Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Group, The Draft House and Coffeesmiths Collective. Although hired for my skills in finance, I found myself interfering with everything that crossed my path;

day to day operations, the guest experience, products and more. I love a challenge, I love to be busy and I’ve always been a girl that just rolls up her sleeves up and gets stuck in.


With my insatiable love of specialty coffee, exotic tea, high quality matcha and wonderful wine I made the life changing decision to put my calculator and pencil case away and take one small step for some but one giant leap for an accountant. I’m about to make a dream a reality and you’re all invited.


Welcome to BloomsYard, I hope you’ll enjoy the experience as much as I plan to.

B x


"Utterly delicious coffee, tea and wine with feel good vibes are the daily backdrop at BloomsYard."

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