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Menu for deliveries to Cassiobury Park
Hot Drinks Tea & Coffee
Milk choices: whole, skinny, oat, soya.

Americano - Double shot of espresso topped up with hot water. Option to add milk. 8oz.

Espresso - Double shot of espresso as standard. Please ask for a single if desired.                              

Machiatto - Double shot of espresso with a dollop of thick milk foam.     

Cappuccino - Double shot of espresso filled with microfoamed milk and a thicker layer of foamed milk on top. Dusted with chocolate powder. 8oz.

Flat White - Double shot of espresso poured to top with microfoamed milk with thin layer of foamed milk on top. 6oz.

Latte - Double shot of espresso filled with microfoamed milk and finished with a medium layer of foamed milk to top. 8oz.

Mocha - Double shot of espresso, chocolate flakes melted in and topped up with microfoamed milk with a slightly thicker foam to finish at the top. 8oz.

Hot Chocolate - Chocolate flakes melted into a dash of hot milk, filled to top with micro foamed milk. 8oz.

MojiTea - A green tea with lime and mint.

Dozy Girl Tea - A herbal blend with lavender, chamomile & rose petals. Floral & calming.

Morning Kick Tea - South American yerba mate blend with zingy lemon & warming ginger.

Liquor-licious Liquorice Tea - A herbal chamomile blend with liquorice, ginger & mint.

Strawberry Lemonade Tea - Strawberries & lemons make this a summer classic & a fruity warmer. With real strawberry chunks and zesty lemon peel.

Earl Grey Creme Tea - A light & creamy Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla.

The Digester Tea - A digestion calming, oolong & pu’erh blend with ginger & orange.

Great British Cuppa Tea - A fresh and light English Breakfast tea.

Matcha Tea - Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea with up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot! It's packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients and is said to aid weight loss, lowering blood pressure and increasing concentration levels and clarity of mind.

Chai Tea - Aromatic spiced black tea - add milk...or just have with hot water. 99% caffeine-free.

Mini macarons (6) - Assorted flavour mini macarons. 1 of each flavour: chocolate, lemon, strawberry, coffee, pistachio and vanilla.

Carrot Cake - A moist sponge carrot cake with a thick creamy icing on top, half dusted with cinnamon. Our bestseller!

Chocolate Orange Cake - gluten-free made with polenta.

Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie - vegan.

Sour Cherry and Oat Cookie - vegan.

Large Croissant

Large Pain Au Chocolate

Cinnamon and Muscovado Swirl

Brownie Slice - gluten-free.

Many other soft drinks available including cola, sugar-free cola, lemonade and ginger ale - all organic.

Kombutcha, water, sparkling elderflower, innocent smoothies and juices for kids. 

We also sell mints, gum, popcorn, various flavoured seed mixes and montezumas chocolate bars. 

We can put together afternoon tea boxes or cream teas but need 24 hours notice for this.

If you would like fresh baked bread - we do a lovely malted grain bloomer in 800g - notice required. Cacklebean organic eggs x6 can be ordered too.

See also our range of 'Picky Things' for grazing which go well with our wine and beer range too!


Sweet Treats
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