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We’ve handpicked three perfect partners to supply our coffee, tea and wine.

Selected for their uncompromising approach to sourcing, preparing and delivering the highest quality in their field.

Image by Gregory Hayes
Assembly Logotype.png

We think coffee is a damn good reason to wake up every morning and we wanted to be able to boast the best specialty coffee in London. We might not roast our own, but we found an award-winning coffee roastery, based in south London that’s unrivalled for their quality, innovation, and collaboration. Assembly are the perfect match for us as we wanted speciality coffee to rave about and when you stop by you’ll soon see what we’re talking about.


We searched far and wide for the best independent tea supplier in the UK and low and behold, just 60 short miles south of London we found them in the lanes of Brighton. Bird & Blend Tea Co. are an award winning, unique Tea Mixology company with over a hundred different blends and infusions. To be honest, their range of teas are simply too vast so we’ve picked our favourites that’ll have you returning time and time again.

Boutinot Logo.png

We wanted a wine supplier that shared our passion for quality, discovery and unbeatable value for money. So, we ventured north to Manchester to partner with Boutinot. As well as a fabulous range and heritage, what makes them different is that they are also grape growers and wine makers! I know, exciting right? They have their own vineyards and wineries in France, South Africa, Italy and right here in England. So, we’ll always be serving some stunning wines whilst you sit back, relax and dream about sitting in the hills of Tuscany, the Loire Valley or possibly Kent!

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